Gents, let’s quickly talk about nature’s imperatives…

What do you say when she asks why you want to have sex with her.

Note: This is a sign that she is not feeling your powerful self…

She is not feeling defended…

She is the burdened and precious creator of life.

Burdened by bleeding out of her vagina for decades, higher negative emotion, smaller physical stature, and being nature’s designated caregiver.

Precious because her best fertility is twenty years compared to yours (up to four times hers).

Her looks don’t last like a man’s looks do either… especially if he stays in reasonable shape. Bald? You can grow a goatee.

He is the expendable and powerful defender of life.

Expendable because more males die in childbirth and are born with problems. 85% of war deaths and 85% of cops are male, most prisoners are male, most homeless are male, male suicide is higher, most high-risk construction and the dirtiest jobs are performed by men.

If there is a workplace accident resulting in death, 90+% are male.

Powerful because you are bigger and stronger and unencumbered by an equivalence of negative emotion. You build cultures and she stress tests them. The best warriors and fighters are male. You experience fear differently (more fight or flight, she more fawn or tend and befriend)

The two polarities of order and chaos overlap considerably and combine as Team Human.

What makes a male a man?

Consider this simple formula. When called upon by circumstances (i.e. when shit hits the fan) men defend.

For if a male cannot defend… another man must step into the breech and defend for him. This is unacceptable.

Why am I telling you this?

Because straying from this natural reality destroys relationships.

There, I said it. It’s the keys to the kingdom brother…

So let’s do the math. 1. burdened, + 1. precious creator of life, + 1. expendable, + 1. powerful defender of life = 4

If she is the burdened and precious creator of life… and also has to be her own powerful defender of life, where does that leave you?

Exactly. 4 – 3 = 1 … You are left as the expendable male.

How’s that working for you? (use a Dr Phil voice here if needed)

Her libido and ability to have orgasms should increase with age, while yours diminishes.

So… how can you defend the both of you?

How can you be the powerful man she is missing?

Here’s an example to inspire you.

If Missus asked me why I wanted to have sex with her (she would not but let’s just say it could happen…) I would tell her:

… because when I think of a woman, it is you that I see…

When I think of naked, it is you that I see in my mind in all your glorious splendor…

When I think of a vagina, I can only imagine yours in its wild perfection.

I still see you as the same woman as when we first met. You have never changed to me.

And just as I defend you now I also defend that that wild woman in you, for I know she can run all night and howl at the moon with me…

Besides, a man who chews his wife’s pussy will ingest her copulins. Men who do this tend to find their partner better looking than men who don’t…

You want to remain good looking, right? You sure look good to me…

Would you like me to chew you now or right before supper when we are both hungry?

(your welcome)

Be powerful defenders of life gents. It IS your masculine destiny.

If we stop defending our women and children, we are all fucked.

If falls to men.

Questions? Comments?

true and free…

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