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 “In a recent survey, conducted by Abacus Data on behalf of Yahoo Canada, 34 per cent of adult men and 47 per cent of women strongly or somewhat agreed that “I consider myself someone who struggles with anxiety.” Among those aged 30 and under, 71 per cent of females reported being anxious, versus 53 per cent of men. Among 18 to 29-year-olds, 63 per cent reported having anxiety.”
National Post, 29 October, 2018

And that’s just in Canada! Look, you’re here to resolve anxiety, either in yourself or to gift this course to someone else. It’s a wise move.

Nothing robs a person of life’s enjoyment more than to be in fear half the time. Nothing kills confidence faster than an anxiety attack.

Maybe like me you’ve found yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a knot in the sternum, that tightness in the center of your chest. It’s so uncomfortable it can double you over in pain.

It often seems to spread, from a tiny beginning tightness to a fist sized clamping of your internal organs, suffocating your liberty, shallowing out your breath, and adding fear and loathing to your thinking to match your physical symptoms.

Worrying about it begets more anxiety. Now, you can only think of doom. The more fear you feel, the more it hurts. You can be caught in its loop. A vicious cycle.

The first time it happens, some people think they are having a heart attack. You can’t blame them. It comes out of nowhere and personifies stress.

I sat it out in the waiting room breathing haphazardly, hanging on as my body failed me at the most primitive and uncomfortable level. It’s true what they say: your last breath was pretty important… but not as important as your next one.

And that’s the thing about anxiety attacks. They get you so wound up and get worse and worse until you can’t keep going…

Mine were getting shallower as I waited. It got so I was, more or less, “sipping” air through the top of my lungs, afraid to put any more pressure on my sternum than I needed to. It was like there was a great hand of refusal inside denying me the life-giving air I was trying to offer my lungs.

What if you don’t reach out for help? What if you don’t go to the hospital and it gets really serious? Can you do that to people?

Suddenly, an old doc came sauntering out of the doors looking cool and casual. He looked at me seriously right in the eyes and told me after running all the tests, it was my “gullet flipping.” I thanked him on the spot, happy to know they’d found something.

WIll the medical people be able to handle this? Will they even treat me seriously? Those are questions you’ve probably asked yourself.

Then, puzzled, I realized I had no idea what he meant. So, I asked him to explain. He said, “you’re having an anxiety attack.”


An anxiety attack??? I thought that only happened to girls!! I remember thinking at the time, embarrassed, almost feeling guilty, like I should be dying. Now I was apologizing for living. Nor did I know it hits a lot of men as well as women. I just had no idea.

In time, I learned to beat the condition in ten minutes. That’s something you’ll learn to do in this course.

Says Crystal:

“This course gave me additional information about the facts surrounding anxiety and that we are never alone. There are some great tools provided I will use over and over to remind myself of where I am and where I will be. I would highly recommend this course to others.”
Crystal T.,  Hamilton, ON

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ANXIETY AND EMOTION. Watch that a couple of times and you’ll get why this is the best little anxiety cure course out there.

Your course contains the essential explanations needed to  demystify fear and emotions, and hence, anxiety.

You also get sound cognitive behavioural techniques which I’ve tested and use to this day. There are some added techniques which can help with the situations that often precede anxiety.

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