Building men of character to thrive using Power and Love in Defence of Meaning and Freedom with Christopher K. Wallace


Discover the transformative journey of confronting addiction, mental fitness and personal growth with Christopher K. Wallace, well-known counselor, mentor, author, loving father, and devoted husband.

With over three decades of experience, Christopher is on a mission to help men harness their power and love in defence of meaning and freedom. Podcast hosts interviewing Christopher find an inspiring blend of insightful stories, expert advice, and practical strategies that empower men to assume their roles as powerful defenders of life.

Meet your guest:

Christopher K. Wallace is no ordinary counselor. With a varied career history, including serving as a Senior Vice President overseeing a hundred and fifty reps with up to fifteen managers in seven cities for a dozen newspaper clients, he knows what it takes to lead and manage people effectively.

His colorful background has shaped his ability to understand others without judgment (He was a bit of a gangster thug and addict who was in and out of prison until he had an epiphany about his 2-year-old son in 1985)

Christopher’s extensive education includes training in sexology, family dynamics, hypnosis, addiction studies, strengths coaching, and more. Life his father, he’s read a book per week most of his life. As a certified Positive Intelligence Coach and a Glover-trained Certified Nice Guy Coach, he is dedicated to helping individuals break free from their limitations.

Key Themes:

Male Empowerment: Christopher believes men’s societal challenges of the day are at least a century in the making and so he expertly guides men into masculine maturity and to follow your male destiny, with positive results for health, relationships, community and career.

Overcoming Addiction: As the author of SIPPING FEAR PISSING CONFIDENCE, Christopher draws on his vast experience and expertise to address the riddle of addiction. He offers guidance on how to reclaim control over your life. Every man he’s worked with has resolved their addiction.

Personal Development: Secret shame and anxiety often plague the modern man. Christopher uses his own life experiences, education and self-improvement to show how to defeat these debilitating conditions, leaving you free to harness strengths, identify passions, and achieve personal and professional success.


“Wally you are one of the rare few. You change lives, it’s who you are and what you do.”
David Tubbs, Australia

“This is excellent! Of course, I want your book. Doing big things, Wallace. We need you. Never forget that. You are changing lives and making better men.” Joe Murdie, November 2022

“I will say it again, no joke: Christopher K Wallace has the knowledge that will change a man’s life… you really are Yoda.” Danny Mason, Chicago

“Dear Chris, Thank you so much for your work and inspiration. You are a beacon of light and love for today’s men. Merci mon amis.” Hatem Ben Abdallah, L.A.

“… thank you for the service you provide and what amazing insight and wisdom you provide… please keep doing what you are doing, the men out here need mentors, thought leaders and inspiration from men like you. Thank you!!” Beth Spangler

“I made more progress working with Christopher K Wallace in 90 days than I did in all my years of therapy.” Tommy Feagle

“Christopher is a font of knowledge for any man navigating this world. My own son says, “I can’t believe the difference in you!” Thanks for everything brother.” Lee Pearce

“If I could have one boss my whole life, I’d pick Wally.” Kiet Ngyuen, Oshawa, ON

“I’ve been thinking all wrong. CW opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my problems. You have a different approach, a compelling argument.” Billy Alexander, Edmonton


Christopher’s bold claim that “I’ve never met a man who wasn’t changed somewhat after a conversation with me” is backed by a multitude of testimonials from men all over the world. Every one of your listeners can learn something from CHRISTOPHER K WALLACE, the Advisor to Men ™.

Expert Insights:

Benefit from Christopher’s diverse training and certifications, which make him a leading authority in the fields of addiction, personal development, relationships, and male empowerment.

Practical Guidance:

He brings to your episode actionable advice and strategies to help listeners overcome life’s challenges and create the life they desire.

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