I leave you with a poem worth saving.
For those times you find yourself confused, let these words provide direction.
It’s called Surrend-Her…

Wishing you and yours the best of the holiday season and look forward to serving you in 2023.

It is men who are the romantics…
men who are our poets
Not to say there are not romantic women
or even women poets

It’s just that she is a creator of life
And he a defender of life
Her position exalted under the stars
His expendable in service of humanity

Order and chaos rule our existence
You have them both and by far
One dismantles and creates
The other rebuilds and perseveres

We don’t get to question nature
Or the heavens so far above
Or say we were dealt an unfair hand
The universe does not make mistakes

So have a look upon these words
Find the meanings that you need
And go and bring masculinity
To the world as powerful men…

(that’s just the preamble: now the poem…)

Only men ensure love prevails at home.

For she cannot do it well enough alone.

Often she operates in a caregiver deficit

Not much you experience will compare.


The BEST salvation from her chaos:

A powerful man with whom she must

Desperately align in devotion and trust,

But paradoxically threaten to destroy.


For each time he loves her at his turn,

Despite her confusion and her burden,

She looks to the very heavens above,

Questioning nature for sending him


The truth is it is not him she despises,

More she loathes her unworthiness.

She knows the truth of her shadow,

Where calamity stares back unbowed


In her fear, she disbelieves the stars and

Resents her dependence on him, and then

M­­­­­­­asculine order uncovers the best of her,

In balance to restore her whole once more…


Soon, it is only to him she surrenders.