About Christopher K Wallace 


Advisor to Men (mentor at large)
author, father, husband.

Christopher K Wallace is the advisor to men… and power and mental fitness counsellor who has been helping people improve their lives for over three decades (while working on his own)

He was senior vice president, Canada, in the paid circulation newspaper business managing  up to 150 reps and 15 managers in 7 cities for a dozen different clients. He gets business and what it takes to effectively work with people.

His “colourful background” (and faulted existence) helps him understand others without judgment. Like his dad, Christopher has read a book per week most of his life.

He trained seriously as a Behavioural Science Tech, studied under some of the greats at the former School for Addiction Studies in Toronto and at two universities while learning about family dynamics, addictions, and sexology. He took up hypnotism to cure his long-time insomnia and is a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He studied strengths, following the Gallup Strengthfinders system, and was a student of Robbins Madanes Training. He trained as one of the first Positive Intelligence coaches under Shirzad Chamine and joined Robert Glover’s team as a Certified Nice Guy Coach.

Along the way he solved the riddle of addictions and some of the secrets to a happy life. He works only with men, changing lives daily on all issues. He says “everyone gets better” when he works with someone on their addictions.

He lives with Missus and two children on 200 acres of bush south of Ottawa, Canada, raising chickens, a rabbit, and with vegetable gardens in summer while surrounded by wildlife.  Find him at He does free calls with men and sometimes agrees to work with them.

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