About C K Wallace 

Chris Wallace is the Advisor to Men and Counselor at Large, author and entrepreneur. He helps men use their power in service of themselves and those around them to find meaning and freedom. He has solved the Riddle of Addiction, the Secret to Marital Bliss, Parenting for Success and shows how good sleeping and napping are your God-given birthrights. He teaches men to be KINGS.

He has a unusual and wide variety of experience from which to draw upon in service of those he supports. He believes each of us make the best decisions for ourselves at the time; surely if we knew better then, we’d act differently.
From a family with uneven attachments and violence, his father broke down with job burn-out and Christopher was out at age 15. Leaving 8 siblings behind, he slid for a decade and a half into street life before having an epiphany when his first boy was two where he turned things around.
From being a high school dropout, his return to school saw him graduate first in his class as a Behavioural Science Tech. He studied addictions (solving the riddle of addictions in 2015) and attended several universities while working as a counselor. He’s a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and studied as a Gallup Strengths Coach. In 2003, he went to work for the largest subscriber-sales newspaper company in North America, rising to Canadian senior vice-president, mentoring up to 150 reps and managers in a half-dozen city-territories. Recently he became Consulting VP at
To be near his ailing father, he lives with his second missus and two young children (boy 5, girl 8) on 200 acres of bush just south of Ottawa. They raise chickens and rabbits and organic vegetables in summer.  Your Advisor to Men says the answer to problems with masculinity is more masculinity. (not less, just better men).
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