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author, father, husband.
At  Christopher K Wallace is your power and mental fitness counsellor helping people improve their lives for over three decades.

As Canadian senior vice president for many years serving more than 150 reps and 15 managers in 7 cities for a dozen different newspaper clients, he gets business and what it takes to manage people. His colourful background helps him understand others without judgment.

Among his many education and training certifications covering subjects such as sexology and family dynamics, he graduated With Distinction as a Behavioural Science Tech from St Lawrence College (class of ’88). He is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, an addiction specialist trained by the Addiction Research Foundation School for Addiction Studies (Toronto), a strengths coach who follows the Gallup Strengthfinders system, a student of Robbins Madanes Training, a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, and a Glover trained Certified Nice Guy Coach. Like his dad, Christopher has read a book per week for most of his life.

Along the way he solved the riddle of addictions and the secrets to a happier life. You can read or listen to his latest book, SIPING FEAR PISSING CONFIDENCE at Amazon and Audible. His areas of intervention expertise are listed on the call scheduler page of this website. He thinks his qualifications should be ignored and that you should instead focus on how your life will change after working with him. “I’ve never met a man who wasn’t changed in some way after a conversation with me,” he says. It’s a bold claim. He says “everyone gets better” when he works with someone on their addictions.

Recently a man texted: “This is excellent! Of course I want your book. Doing big things Wallace. We need you. Never forget that. You are changing lives and making better men.” (Joe Murdie, November, 2022)

Christopher K Wallace delights in sharing what he has picked up over the years in part so that others can benefit from his education and experience but more because he believes the world desperately needs powerful men. He teaches people to discover, claim and use their power and love in service of themselves and others to find meaning and freedom.

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