I know you suffer. I know you need sleep badly.
I know you’ve put up with it for too long. 

Let’s cure your sleep problems once and for all.

You see, I was you. I suffered too. I went deep and found the cure. DARN IT YOU CAN TOO! 

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like when…

You’re awake at 3am, tossing and turning,  mind racing with thoughts and images from the day, while projecting every possible scenario into tomorrow to try and resolve the tensions you feel. I know you stare hopelessly at the ceiling.

You have to be up in 3-4 hours for work. Adjusting your pillows for the hundredth time, you try again to find sleep.

Too often, you say you’ll catch up the next night.

And maybe you collapse at the end of the day and sleep soundly for a time.

Just as likely, you wake in the night once more, bothered by a brain that won’t shut down.

Robbed of sleep again, you realize you are caught in a vicious cycle: mental torture which would continue night after night.

(sound familiar?)

If you are like I was for 20 years, most nights you suffer like this with no end in sight. Maybe, like me, you read a lot of books. Maybe, like me, you I see a lot of sunrises.

Maybe, like me, you used drugs and alcohol to get to sleep. Maybe, like me, you are inspired me to make some changes.

Unfortunately, absent the drugs and alcohol, sleep problems tend to compound.

Ever try to give up your meds? I feel you. It’s an adjustment.

It was while studying as a Behavioural Science Technician and Addictions Counselor  that I discovered these strategies.

In just a couple of months, I was well on my way to a cure for my insomnia. I’ve used them since with great success, despite being a bi-phasic sleeper on top of a light sleeper.

You will be able to:

— Train to fall asleep without sleep-aids in any circumstance
— Understand Bi-Phasic sleeping and why you shouldn’t fear waking at night
— How to put yourself to sleep no matter what bed you lay in
— Stop your racing thoughts
 Resolve worrying interpersonal conflicts without the other party
— Claim your birthright: a restorative night’s rest
 Read people’s faces at work and at home because you’re rested
— Solve problems more easily using your innate creativity.

This course contains THE 12 key things I use to cure people’s insomnia.

These are also my favourite strategies, the ones I personally use to this day. I used them last night. I may use them this afternoon.

I use them and teach them because they work.

You too can begin to master these in a short afternoon. But I’m going to dribble each lesson a few days apart so you can absorb and practice the lessons, like building a solid foundation to a house. A house of ZZzzzs. A house of dreams…

Use these for a few months and become as calm as a sleeping puppy. The effects will last a lifetime.

It contains life-changing bonus items:

— How to nap anywhere at anytime

— 3 stretches you must do before sleep if you sit at a desk