Bona Fides


bo·na fi·des
/ˌbōnə ˈfīdēz,ˌbōnə ˈfēdāz,ˈbōnə ˌfīdz,ˈbänə ˌfīdz/
noun 1. a person’s honesty and sincerity of intention. … as in: “he went to great lengths to establish his liberal bona fides”

Wally you are one of the rare few. You change lives, it’s who you are and what you do. Bet you do it all the time. Bet there are plenty out there who are too busy telling others what you did for them to tell you. So I’ll say again cos it’s worth repeating. You changed my life. And brother l am very grateful for the man you are. David Tubbs, Australia, 2018
July, 2023


Just a quick email to thank you for the service you provide and what amazing insight and wisdom you share.  My husband walked downstairs a different man than the one that walked upstairs to talk to you last night.  He has grown so much over these past months and it is such an amazing process to watch!  All this to say, please keep doing what you are doing, the men out here need mentors, thought leaders and inspiration from men like you. Thank you!!

Beth Spangler
Country Cakes and Bakes
409 W. Front St
New Holland, OH 43145
Review (3May2022)
Expectations exceeded. I had no idea my thinking and emotions could change so drastically. I was miserable and thought it was the only way I could be, filled with shame and low self esteem I honestly wished I was dead. My sessions with Christopher gave me tools to calm myself down and start to change my thinking, then with knowledge and the tools… my whole way of thinking slowly changed. I acquired self worth
It can be scary being vulnerable enough to trust someone with your darkest thoughts, Christopher is a font of knowledge for any man navigating this world, my own son says “I can’t believe the difference in you!” And that is in a big part to my sessions with Christopher. Thanks for everything brother
Lee Pearce

Review (20Nov2021):
Ever since I can remember I have struggled with relationships. This has been a source of frustration for me since the 3rd grade when I realized something was not right. As I grew older this realization grew providing me with even more frustration. Growing up I had limited access to knowledge and could never pin down what the problem was. Currently I am 42 years old, been married for 20+ years, and have had temporal success in life. While having dinner with a childhood friend I had a painful realization. My circle of childhood friends have happy and healthy relationships with their spouses and families. It was clear that monetarily I have so far outpaced them they probably could not catch up in this life, yet, it was clear that they were more rich than I. My relationships were the clear source of my poverty. After dinner that night I turned my focus to finding answers. I came across the NMMNG book and was blown away. I joined the FB groups and started reading posts and responses in both groups. It was immediately clear that Chris Wallace had answers. He had information that I wanted and needed. Not only did he have the information I wanted, he delivered it in a way that was clear, direct, and pointed. In short, Chris Wallace had truth and I needed it. Looking back on the past 20 years, I have spent upwards of 20,000 dollars on counseling and coaching to try and find answers to the nagging sense that something is seriously wrong. My experience with these past attempts is that they treat the symptoms with words and ideas which ultimately never have enough power to change much. I signed up for coaching with Chris Wallace and the very first session I left with truth and tools, not words and ideas. As our sessions have progressed I was getting real help and answers. So many things we have discussed have rang true. I appreciate how Chris is not patronizing, he says it like it is, even if it stings a bit.  I trust him because I know he will be honest with me no matter what the situation is. For the first time in my life I HAVE TOOLS and TRUTH! It feels amazing and the tools work. It feels so good to know where I am wrong and what I need to do. Instead of suffering, I now know the problems and it feels so good to be able to take responsibility and do something about it. It’s like looking at a cloud (the cloud being the problem you are experiencing), you know it is there however you can never actually capture a part of it in a tangible way. When you try to catch the cloud it evaporates before you can materialize anything of it. Chris Wallace has made “my cloud” tangible and malleable. I cannot express enough gratitude for the work Chris does.



(Review 24jan2022)
How did this talk meet or exceed expectations? How so?
This talk was extremely helpful and far exceeded my expectations.  Chris put everything together and delivered some knowledge that shook my foundations. I found myself changing behaviour immediate. Chris identified the precise issue with my relationship with my wife and gave me the requisite knowledge to go about changing it. I have learned and internalized how to go about my life with a different approach that makes complete sense and ‘feels like coming home’ to the man I always knew I could be. I have spent a lot of time and money seeing therapists and reading tons of self-help books. Nothing provided me with the immediate impact and paradigm shift. Real talk man to man, no BS, telling it like it is. I can’t wait to continue my work with Chris.
Nick, Ontario, Canada

(Review Nov2018)
Thank you for your time. You’ve really helped me develop a different way to think about substance use and after speaking with you I feel more confident than ever that I can succeed sober in life. Your approach helped me see that I’m giving away the very confidence that I was seeking when I used. I really appreciated how you listened, encouraged and provided needed push back. You really showed up with compassion and appropriate challenges. My family and I THANK YOU for being such a positive impact. You are helping me become the best version of myself. Keep up the good work.
Lee H, USA 2018
(Review 2021)
I’m the type of person who needs to know the reason behind a statement. Having an informed reason behind “never drink again” makes me feel like I”m back in control of “not drinking” and not just a fist clench until I say “fuck it.” I’ve been looking for this for a ling time and having heard it explained the way Chris explained it has so far made it easy to see the forest through the trees. It’s only been a few days but I think more than anything, this is HOPE. Hope that my confidence/juice/mojo is there brewing and I have to find it to keep it hot.
Jack, USA

(Review–funny man–Dec2021)
My wife just lectured me on how I shouldn’t lecture her. She kept telling me that all I have to do is sit there and listen to her and validate her feelings. Basically she doesn’t want my input or opinion or my masculine problem solving skills. I get it.
But she will always get my humour. So after she finished talking I hugged her and told her I loved her and said, “Thanks for the lecture on how I shouldn’t be lecturing.”
She laughed and called me a prick. Win-Win. Thanks to Christopher K Wallace for retraining my defensiveness.
Dave, R of Ireland
(Review, fall 2021)
Chris is a one of a kind coach. He is very intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing. He listens carefully to every detail and gives the best advice. He has learned a complex knowledge about mental fitness and helps you with being the best version of yourself. The person I was before working with Chris is a different person than I am now. I feel stronger, with higher self-worth and respect for myself. 
M.A. Saudi Arabia

(Review 2021)
My sessions with Wallace moved the ball forward every time we talked. I’m still gleaning wisdom from them. His take on addictions really challenged me, and changed my life. I learned I have the power to change. He’s going to challenge you. And he’s not going to sugar coat it. But listen up. Wallace has some wisdom to impart. It’s up to YOU to decide if you want to make the changes.
Cory B, USA
(Review 2018)
I learned that I had been holding myself back by seeking to fill urges that I could take care of by healthier means. I was riding the pink cloud of sobriety and if it weren’t for Chris putting things into perspective, I would have fallen from it and straight into the Earth. Where it would have been harder to recover from.
Jeremy W, Massachusetts

(Review 2021—porn addiction)
Helped add the missing pieces in trying to understand how I operate. I knew I needed to change but did not know how it was related to my general fear issues. This helped me the source of my problems. The direct, man to man, no bullshit talk is better suited to me than the indirect therapy sessions.
M, somewhere in Europe
(Review 2022 addiction)
I truly can’t convey in words what an impact the Board of Directors has made on my life. I’m a disabled Marine Corps veteran, and a lot of horrors had followed me which all stemmed from a concussion grenade incident while serving. It had been closing in on 20 years from the injury when I met Christopher, and was introduced to the board of directors. I had been battling an opiate/ stimulant (Come/Meth)addiction since the first Percocet was prescribed to me at that time. It led me down a dark road filled with overdoses and a near decade long prison sentence. After my release, I went back to what I always knew worked for me to deal with my pain, and that was to use. The VA HOSPITAL became a second home as I would go to treatment, get clean, and back again. UNTIL, A friend referred me to Christopher. I was extremely hesitant, because programs, and rehabs are pretty much the same run-of-the-mill jargon. THE DIFFERENCE WAS, Christopher had lived, and walked in similar shoes as me, and when I heard his story I let my guard down, and listened to the wealth of knowledge that he had. I had never in my life heard addiction, and the reasons why we use, broken down into the smallest detail, until I was led to the board of directors. For the first time in my life I understood why I was doing what I was doing. I remember the first introductory phone call we had which was 1.5 hours long. In just that introduction into his addiction education, I had already grasped more than the countless hours of rehabs and therapists.

Once I started understanding the WHY of my addiction, I started to realize the depths of who I was as a man, and truly the deficiencies which I had. Christopher lays out in such detail, and guides you on how to rectify those deficiencies. Things I never understood about myself, I started to see clearly. Though i’ve always felt confident, with that added clarity, came additional confidence.

I’m so grateful to be part of such an anomaly of a group, because I don’t know of anything out there that is like this. Christopher Wallace, and The Board of Directors offers guidance, cultivates men, and chisels them into elite form! I know when I say “I am a Board of Directors member for life!“, many, if not all members can offer the same sentiments. Thanks Chris. ???
James, USA

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(Review 2020—Life Changing)
“Speaking with Chris has drastically changed my life. He’s given me the perspective I need to recognize my problems and address them properly. He’s given me immense clarity about how men and women are raised and helped me make connections  I otherwise would not have figured out on my own.
I highly recommend his services to every man.”
Alex M, Arizona November, 2020

(Review 2018—Leadership)
Chris is an excellent coach, trainer, and supporter. With his years of expertise in management and leadership he will add incredible value to both individuals and organizations. It was real pleasure to work with him over the years!
Corey Cain, Branch Director at Knowledge First Financial
– 2017 Branch Director of the Year
(Review 2020–God damn)
God damn man that power thing. You really hit the nail on the head there man. Can’t stop thinking about it and you’re absolutely right, I’ve been avoiding my power. Haven’t even been conscious of it but that’s exactly it. Not surprising considering I was mainly raised by my mother and with a very passive and appeasing dad. And he’s been raised the same. Holy shit dude. I think you just seriously changed my life. God damn. 
E.M Europe
(Review 2020)
Chris made sure I left our call with something I can immediately apply by helping me reframe a few things I’ve been insecure about and immediately relieve a lot of self-inflicted pressure. I recommend Chris’s guidance for any man looking to improve himself.
Ryan W, USA
(Review Oct 2018)
Chris has great insights into the dynamics of personal motivations and desires. 
Ian, Japan
(Review, Jan 2018)
I’m shocked how I’ve become so attractive to women after having a clear purpose in life, supporting myself financially and following my passion. Thanks for help in January with the breakup. I dodged the biggest bullet in my life!
Paul W, UK
(Review June, 2017)
This guy’s a genius. Had I known about Wally 2 years ago, I would have turned my life around sooner. He also helped me make sure my balls didn’t make their way into my girlfriend’s purse. Thank you Chris for a lifetime of advice in one month’s counselling.
Derek, Kingston, Ontario

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(Review 2020)
I will say it again, no joke. Christopher K Wallace has the knowledge that will change a man’s life.
Danny Mason, USA.

(Review 2016) 
I’ve been thinking all wrong. CW opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my problems. You have a different approach, a compelling argument.
Billy, Edmonton, AB
(Review 2018)
Chris is very knowledgeable and yet speaks in a down to earth manner without judgement. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He has your health and happiness in mind while speaking the truth.
Nate C, USA
(Review 2018)
As a young man I’ve never really had strong and assertive male guidance (and I’ve suffered as a result of it). Wally has this essence of a guy who’s seen it all and come out the other side and is willing to share his wisdom and experience. I feel it’s quite indispensable especially as a young guy. On my hero’s journey I’ve often wondered where Gandalf is. It turns out I found him although he swears a lot more than I thought Gandalf would (which is fucking awesome) 
Oliver, UK
(Review 2018)
I found Chris to be a big help with a real process and tools that I continue to use. The whole time was very personal and tailored, I found him to be straightforward and honest and never judgmental, and very real with his approach to my specific needs. 
Daniel, USA
(Review May 2019)
Chris has an uncanny ability to see me, to understand me, to support me. His personal experiences of success and failures in his own life give him a unique perspective and compassion, as well as the ability to help me see for myself the directions I must take if I am going to heal myself. I could not recommend him more highly.
Jim R, California
(Review 2020)
He’s a great sounding board and provides appropriate feedback from a wealth and depth of wisdom. 
Jeremy S., Arizona,

Our sincerest thanks for joining us last night and for speaking. Your message was very impactful, and brought many to tears hearing the story of Howie’s brave journey. He certainly is a little cutie pie, and oh my goodness those beautiful eyes! Taking our donors into your life and hearing what it has been like for you as a family is key to understanding what our work is all about. Thank you for expressing that so well. It was a very successful night for us, and I believe the impact of your story had a lot to do with it. Perhaps letting the Superhero out in all of us helped a little as well. ?
Jane Sleep, Executive Director, Jennifer-Ashleigh Children’s Charities.
Review Nov 2018
Masculinity, power, and confidence are not taught to us as boys and young men. This has far-reaching, destructive consequences for men, the women in our lives, our society as a whole, and most importantly our sons. Speaking with Chris marked the next phase in the development of my masculinity, confidence, and creative potential. Along with joining a Men’s group the conversation we had has galvanized a deep shift in my psyche, self-understanding, confidence, and power.
The psychological shackles we believe to be our fate, placed on us by our fathers and the men before them, which feel like reinforced steel are in fact self-imposed, rusted, brittle and ready to be broken with the right perspective, guidance, and support. Chris, offers Men this perspective, guidance and support. The pain stops here.
Zach, New York City, USA

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(Review — Mentoring)
Chris, was amazing for me. I would not have had as many successes in marketing if it were not for his insight! 
Matt House, Calgary, AB
(Review — Manager)
If I could have one boss my whole life, I’d pick Wally.
Kiet Ngyuen, Oshawa, ON
(Review — mentoring)
Thanks my friend. You taught me so much and I appreciate you never giving up on my young punk ass and always giving me something to drive for. I sincerely think my sales success comes from your teachings. 
Jon Dalzell, Harley Davison sales, Boston, Mass.
(Review — Coaching)
Honestly Christopher, I really value your contribution to my life. You are a tremendous Coach and a super fit. I already see myself shifting mentally. Very cool, have a wonderful day.
Simone, Ottawa, ON
(Review — leadership)
Working with Chris was always a pleasure. He would change peoples attitudes with a simple and always interesting conversation.
He was a real leader and a friend to everyone!
Sean Smith, Calgary, AB
(Review 2019 — masculinity)
Your insight and experience, Chris.
Much of the reason I wanted to speak to you was because of your history, your experience, your credibility, and also how you define, recognize and advocate the power of masculinity and the critical role it plays when it comes to men, boys and our society. It’s so important, and I would recommend your services to other men in a heart-beat. Thanks so much, brother. 
John B. Aus. Jan/2019

(Review 2013 — Honour thy father)
I was very stuck with my “father issues.” This was so deep in me; I felt like I couldn’t let go. I could recognize that my father was a good man, but I was hung up on how he failed me as a kid. My love was strongly mixed with hatred and resentment. You asked me about a metaphor. That struck me as a strange question, but I went with it.
When I blurted out, “Jack in the Box,” and I immediately said no. That didn’t make any sense. I had no idea where it had come from. It wasn’t a childhood toy that I remember having. But that’s not the half of it. But you trusted wherever that voice came from and told me to go with it. Well, long story short: I saw the power in the spring of that clown-like thing as the power of my feelings over my father’s negative stuff that would pop up on me. I imagined myself slowly pulling out the spring and releasing all its power. That wasn’t enough: I then saw myself planting something in the box. I let go with my father. The tension disappeared. I can openly express my love for him. We’ve never gotten along better! He sensed this on some level. (I always dreaded some classic idea of writing him a letter detailing his failings.) He just sensed it. He and my mother, in their 70’s, decided to pack up and leave their home and the area where they had lived for the last 50+ years of their lives together to move to be closer to me and my family. You were able to help me with a break through that had eluded me for years. I will be forever grateful for the work that we did together. Thank you! 
Sam G, Cleveland, Ohiojackinthebox


(Review Drinkers’ Riddle-2015)
I read your book yesterday. Didn’t want to put it down. I’ve been a pretty active AA member for almost 15 years. I love your voice. You speak to the reader in a manner that is intelligent and warm and personal, which i think is great, and you never ever talk DOWN to the reader (which is something that pisses me off immediately). I really really liked the book and am looking forward to reading it again so I can understand better what you are saying. Good job!!!!!
G.H., North America

(Review 2018 — mentoring)
When ppl ask me if I ever had a mentor or someone I learned lots from. I don’t fail to mention ur name!! U know about everything and I’m proud to have had ur influence in my life. I never told u bcuz I don’t wanna weird u out but I always try to think mmmm what would Wally think or do in this situation?
U have been an inspiration thank u.
Robya Rate, Vancouver, B.C. 2018
(Review June 2019)
The talk was very useful. If you want to learn from someone, learn from someone who has been through the inferno of life and back and Chris is that person. With his vast knowledge in the area of relationships, manhood and overall life wisdom, I learned a lot. What I wanted was to listen as much as I can. 
Will Shaker, San Diego


CKWallace, Advisor to Men, Counsellor at Large.
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(Review 2019 — Insomnia Course)
I used to have runaway thoughts when I lay in bed at night and thanks to techniques I learnt on this course, I have a calm mind and a much more peaceful time in bed. I love his rough, tough, golden hearted and humorous personal sharing of such fascinating and powerful content. Get this course! You are a gift to the universe Christopher, by sharing your own story and using that and your techniques for sleep success to help others.
Andrew, Dublin, ROI
(Review 2020)
I learned quite a few things on anxiety when I get too much in my head, get busy, looking after my younger self, listening to myself. Chris has the ability of  analysing people in depth very quickly and offering concrete help. I really enjoyed each and everyone of our discussions. It made me think, challenged me and gave me important clues about reversing some of the pathological ways of thinking I had. At times it was like talking to a friend or older brother and I was comfortable sharing personal stuff. 
Rick, USA.
(Review Nov, 2019 — no longer hopeless)
Wally was exceptional at quickly finding pain points in my life and suggesting immediate actions to take to start reducing them. It was good to have actions to act on once the session was over. I learned anxiety can be dealt with through action, and how to make myself stronger and to build my confidence. Wally’s vast background and experience shows and it’s an incredible value in his coaching. I’ve been looking for a coach who understands my plights in the career and personal realms. I began to feel hopeless until Wally came along. I rate him 5 out of 5. 
Eric, USA
(Review 2019)
After talking ot Chris my mind was straight and I knew what I needed to do. He called out my nice guy behaviour. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and I learned so much from this call. The following day I implemented his advice getting far better results that I could have imagined. He pushed me to figure out what I really wanted and then gave me the confidence to go after it. I thought I could get past my problems myself but Chris presented me with new ideas and some great solutions. 
businessman, USA

(Review 2020)
It began to establish a foundation of understanding as to why I do the things I do. It helps me see I’m not actually broken, I am more like programmed to a pattern. It seems like I can undo that pattern as well. If you are anything like me and have dealt with counselling before, this is not like that. I have a very tough history and some of what I say could shock a “normal” person. He has a past life and was no angel. He has street credentials and that means something to me. He understands both sides of the coin. Not just in theory.
Anonymous, USA
Review 2015 — cannabis child)
I’m not sure what you said to my daughter in the one hour you spent with her, but to hear her tell me later “Dad, I’m so done with that whole pot thing” was amazing. As a father, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your help. It’s been a couple of months since you spoke to her and she just passed a drug test she needed to get her first job. Thanks for everything.
B.W. Atlanta, GA


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