Recently, I was taken to comment on something I saw on the internet. I have to be careful about this sort of thing, especially if it is late at night. No sense triggering the fear seeker in me by engaging someone in an argument before bed.At issue was the oft heard lament from women that men want to fix things instead of listening. Could men be better listeners? Probably. We do well enough listening to each other seems to me.

After all, we BUILT THE WORLD! ffs.

Sure women helped, but it is primarily men who build cultures because of our large group bias and preference for things. Women have a small group bias and prefer people. They also tend to stick with one or two, no more than a handful, of loyal friends whom they use for emotional regulation. While men are comfortable operating in many different social spheres. While men build cultures, you could say women, on the other hand, stress test any culture men build on behalf of everyone.

Instead, we hear a lot of put downs online and in the media about men by dissatisfied women. The media is corporate, and women spend between 50 to 90% of disposable income so… that’s why you have shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and an anti-male themed culture.

The crux of women’s complaining seems to be about how men are not more like them. Think about that for a moment. Think about how impossible that situation is.

Yet, all over the world, men are lining up to do exactly that. Be more like women. If you read me you will know I contend this is modern man’s search for maternal acceptance.

If there is any truth to women’s dissatisfactions, I believe it more accurately arises from the opposite in fact: that men are not men but rather, adult boys. The “mansplaining lament” arises only in a vast sea of male weakness by women tired of being taken for granted. Read the Caregiver’s Dilemma for more.

It is primarily women who caregive.

I’ve got some news for you. Men make lousy women and women make lousy men. Surely the Drag Queen Story Hour and trans phenomena amply illustrate these fucking points.

Furthermore, men are not sticking up for themselves. Why? Abuse of empathy is a woman’s birthright. Women compete differently than we do, and it throws us off our game.

Men compete head on to determine expertise, to ensure you are male and to test each other for mettle (courage). If you can’t stand my teasing (for the thwarted boy hero this can mean bullying) how will you stand shoulder to shoulder with me and defend against the enemies?

It is primarily men who defend.

Women compete by maneuvering covertly using mean remarks, social exclusion, and by winning over each other’s friends and allies.

Disagree with a male and the prospect of getting punched in the face usually keeps things civil. Disagree with a female and she will tend to go behind your back and undermine you with others until someone else punches you in the face. No one talks about this much… but every woman knows this.

Guys say nothing rather than risk the ire of the pissed off feminine. There is real threat to her antics socially, and yet, it’s just one more problem men have to fix. Oh, if you were waiting for women to get around to addressing these contentious issues, don’t hold your breath.

Pay attention, you won’t read this anywhere else.

It goes burdened female precious creator of life and expendable male powerful defender of life. Together, they are Team Human.

When men stop being powerful defenders of life… women, burdened and precious, are forced to do their own defending. Where does that leave you? Exactly: expendable. Which is what is happening.

And women are no equals to men in the defending department.

Nature, homo sapiens essence, demands she fulfill her destiny. She will find a male. If he’s weak, she will use him. She must. A powerful man restores evolutionary balance.

It is… your only option.

It is your masculine destiny. Everything else is weakness.

The answer to almost every challenge between men and women is for men to rise and become powerful defenders of life as nature intended.

We Defend, Deliver and Decide within the Team Human context, and that includes women. 👀

Sure, accommodate the sisterhood where you can: be a Team Human player.

But impose limits when it undermines the very nature of what it is to be a man.

Never apologize for arriving here under the heavens as a male…


Questions? Comments?

true and free…

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