Listen to me: A woman secretly craves
being possessed by her man
Not just possessed but taken.

That’s not a rape fantasy
(though for some kinky broads it might be)
but it’s not holding back.

I contend women need a powerful man
with whom she can surrender herself completely,
feeling safe enough to temporarily visit her shadows.

That does not mean rough sex
(though it could for some) but it does mean
you better be the goddamn maestro

in the behind-closed-doors personal porn film
being recorded in each other’s minds.
Where all your secrets are laid bare.

I am fifteen years in with missus
and have never banged her the same way twice
(though I’m not opposed to that).

Her complete surrender to you sexually
is PART of what helps her replenish her power
after making sacrifices under the caregiver archetype.

The nastiness she engages in with you privately
is what allows her to function as the goodly wife in public.
She needs the contrast, as do we all.

It’s the calling of the shadow


Power & Love
©CHRIS WALLACE, 2022, all rights reserved

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