Consider women’s sexual peak is later than men’s, and by a far margin. The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex says, “Most men in adolescence and young adulthood report more frequent orgasms than do older men from all sources, including nocturnal emissions, masturbation and intercourse…

On the other hand, women experience their highest number of orgasms from their mid-twenties to their mid-forties.” So, why would that be?

In my view, given these years are smack dab in the middle of her pair-bonding days, and she’s likely long with child if it’s destined to be so, we ought to realize female orgasm is less about reproduction and more about intimate attachment.

Same with men. Each ejaculate has from 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm. At just once per day, the math for procreative possibilities in a year are mind-boggling. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Remarkably, a woman’s ovulation period is 12 to 24 hours… once per month. Yet, she can blow her stones every day of the week all year long at any hour she chooses.

Why would nature give her that ability for just 12 hours ovulation 12 times per year? Or, 12 days out of 365?

At just 3%, man, something doesn’t add up.

I think the reproductive aspects of sex between adults is a minor function embedded in intimacy which primarily uses orgasm as its bonding agent.

The bonding hormone oxytocin is released during childbirth and when else? Orgasm. With benefits from increased serotonin to greater blood flow to the brain. Post-orgasm, women keep producing oxytocin for a period of time.
It’s about the orgasms. OK, I’ll go further and suggest sperm is the glue which holds us together.

And, that’s not even considering sperm as nutrition: with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and which, when ingested by a woman whichever way, may also play a role in mitigating a woman’s anxiety and depression.

Come on, it’s super bonding glue.

Also, just think of what that means… to have an orgasm in front of someone. Usually stripped naked, the body and its every crevice is exposed so that your partner has full access. You lack weapons or protection: no armour or shield, nor a dagger hiding under your cloak or fur. Caution is thrown to the wind.

There is no hiding during orgasms, it’s a surrender to each other.

The abandon of orgasm sends your face into contortions of pleasure where you must risk your partner’s glances. Only she sees you this way, just as only you see her this way.

(For me, if a woman doesn’t make good faces when she’s coming, there is no hope for us. Her smell and climaxing facial expressions are what determine if we shall meet again unclothed. If she shudders during the moment, even better. I have no idea where this comes from in me, seems shallow, but it’s real).

Think of the moment of orgasm and its inherent temporary loss of control. Who is it… that “stands on guard for thee” while you engage in your moment of bliss?

Of course, your companion does. We do it to, and for, each other.
What is she first… this woman you profess to love?

Is she first a mother? a worker? a businesswoman? a friend to her gal pals? an advocate for your children’s education? a community member? a churchgoer? All these and more I’m sure.

But she is first a sexual human being.

This is her essence and no amount of time or bearing of children changes this essential fact. She is sexual, treat her so.

Burdened by the caregiver’s dilemma, caught between not wanting to appear selfish and feeling taken for granted by the very people she looks after… you are her defender.

You see the real her, the authentic wild woman she keeps in shadow.

What of it that her best fertility years are two decades between 15 and 35, though her best orgasm years go another decade or more far beyond?

What does this say? When you consider living to 50 years was a full lifespan until a couple of hundred years ago, it may mean she gets hornier as she ages.

It requires a male defender by her side who makes her feel safe enough to visit this side of her egalitarian spirit.

Can you be such a man?

Questions? Comments?

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