There are two new videos added to the Taming Shame course.

Hundreds of men have taken this course and those who get through it say it’s one of the best they’ve taken. Here’s an example…

The first added video deals with the brain’s 70,000 thoughts per day and how most of these emanate from “interoception,” that is, messaging the brain receives from the body.

I explain how lower order nervous system fight, flight and freeze functions are responsible for much of what we think.

Afterall, the brain exists to support the body and 80% of neurons (in the hundreds of millions) from all over the body signal towards the brain.

You can name that part of your functioning; I call it the wolf. It’s a dog.

The wolf gives zero fucks about your dreams and aspirations.

Feed-Fuck-Kill-Run-Hide is what it does.

Useful at times, to be sure….

… but you don’t want it running you full-time.

The graphic up top gives you the full picture.

How do you know the difference?

Well, I’m big on claiming an identity and this shield tells you why:

So, the idea is this: If you have a thought that runs counter to a rule you have set for yourself, that’s the wolf. It’s the dog in you.

ex. Not eating after 9PM and think, “I could eat a small bowl of Cheerios.”

ex. Not drinking and think, “I could have one beer.”

That’s the wolf and your dog needs an instant repudiation.

Don’t let the dog (or wolf) run you.

Make sure you are living up to the identity you claim for yourself.

The second video refers to the Younger Self process.

At times, you may be emotionally triggered by circumstances and don’t respond appropriately because of “unfinished business” in the backrooms of your psyche.

Everyone has versions of this so don’t think it’s just you.

The Taming Shame course shows you how to defeat shame while updating your operating system more in line with your adult identity.

We’ll cover the process in a future ATM News… and you can access the Taming Shame course and see for yourself at this link:

Being able to tell the difference between your higher order thinking and your lower order thoughts is a life changer.

All progress begins with truth.

It is only by being rigorously honest with the facts of your life that you will find and maintain forward progress.

It is critical that we as men stop lying to ourselves.

And that you claim the identity of your destiny.

So… I encourage you to begin listening to the moans, growls, whining and barks coming from the dog in you.

If you are in danger then by all means, use the wolf to get out of trouble.

But the rest of the time, cage that motherfucker…

… and go live intentionally.

Let me know how it goes.

I’m always interested in your victories, big or small.

Respond any time to this email with questions or comments.

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