A wife’s testimonial:


Just a quick email to thank you for the service you provide and what amazing insight and wisdom you share.  My husband walked downstairs a different man than the one that walked upstairs to talk to you last night.  He has grown so much over these past months and it is such an amazing process to watch!  All this to say, please keep doing what you are doing, the men out here need mentors, thought leaders and inspiration from men like you. Thank you!!
Beth Spangler
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Here are 3 ways to rescue your relationship and put it on solid footing to last until the end of time. 

1. Join  Men of Honour

Men of Honour is the long time Facebook invitation-only  group where evolved men and those who have worked with Chris Wallace gather to support each other.
It contains a hundreds of pieces of written material under four guides, Physiology, Prayer, People, and Production.
The People guide has a lot of information highly useful to the modern man in a relationship
You will find tips and attitudes about sex, presence, conflict resolution and more importantly, the over arching attitude needed to make a relationship work
You can also post in the group for help and feedback as well as join discussions about things that matter to men.
Men of Honour has a “Church Check In” each Sunday at noon EST where you can discuss a variety of subjects that come up between us.
Men of Honour costs just $48 per year to join and renews automatically. New material is added every week.
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The 10MM Board of Defender men’s groups meet Saturdays at two times (so far).
It consists of wise men from around the world who gather in support of each other’s good intentions
In addition to contact with other men and a significant back end of material, the 10MMBoD gives you access to the Advisor to Men directly in each group
It also gives you unprecedented value with full access to the DEFENDER course of shields—a year long course of Advisor to Men wisdom which includes deep intelligence about relationships and how to keep them (and life) thriving.
You may access the DEFENDER course of shields and the 10MM Board of Defender groups for just $69 per month
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The above is one of the first shields (not THE first) explained in depth and found in the DEFENDER course of shields

3. Work directly with the Advisor to Men

First let me say that I have seen hundreds of relationships over my decades as a counsellor.
While it’s true there are faulted women who often sabotage a couple’s happiness, more often I find men who have failed to lead their relationship.
I was such a man myself. I failed at one relationship and divorced after 24+ years. It was her… but it was also so much me.
I took some years to figure things out during which time ALL of the studying and reflecting combined with working with men combined into unshakeable truths.
Now with Missus for 18 years, we have two wonderful kids together. I was a good dad to my first son. I’m an exemplary father to my current children.

Missus and I have a thriving relationship. I’ll show you how to do the same.

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Looking forward to teaching you what I know about power and love… cw

Men I have worked with say:

She’s important!

“A man doesn’t support his woman because she is weak. He supports her because she is important!” Dan

Presence shield:
I used one of the shields to turn the relationship with my wife around. I was so disconnected from her in all aspects it is sad to even think about it.  It wasn’t an immediate turn around, but it only took a couple of weeks to see results.” Steve

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