Maybe people are starting to tell you about yourself. Perhaps it’s happening more and more often. It could be a mother-in-law, a significant other, an employer, a son or daughter, a parent or concerned relative or friend. It could be you just got your first or another DUI. Others are noticing and bringing it to your attention.

Maybe now you’re seriously questioning what the fuck your doing? It’s not high school anymore. Things in life are moving along, you have responsibilities, others who rely on you. You might even have a family whom you care for.

Something is making you question your lifestyle and choices. Only, you’re not prepared to start to call yourself by some label. Nope. That’s not for you.

I think that’s a good thing. Labels don’t mean much unless you’re buying a car.

So, here’s what I want to tell you: I have solved the riddle of addiction.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a process addiction (porn, food, gambling, shopping, etc) or alcohol and drugs (including tobacco). I’ve seen it all and all of them have at the crux of the behavior, the same need being met.

We have plenty of time to get into my story. What’s important here is yours.

I’ve never had a conversation with anyone about these subjects without lightbulbs going off over the person’s head.

And, it’s an approach so intuitively correct, you’ll wonder why you didn’t figure it out yourself. It took me forty years and a lot of pain. I don’t want that for you.

So, do yourself a favour and click the enroll button. No one here is going to push a label or abstinence on you. No one here is vested in prevailing addictions dogma.

Join the Better Sobriety Board and solve the riddle of your addiction now.

Presently only offered as an ongoing weekly call. Please book your first session so we can devote as much time as needed to the issue. Then we’ll discuss if ongoing coaching is needed.