Most people who are addicted know full well they are wired to their habit…

and they consider “getting around to addressing it’ … soon…

and that “soon” gets pushed off into the future over and over, time and again.

Meanwhile, they are not stupid, and they know they are compromising themselves …

and usually hate themselves for it.  I know, I did it FOR YEARS.

This has all kinds of repercussions that show up in their lives in ugly ways.

The differences between how they see their potential and how they actually behave costs them self esteem like no tomorrow.

They might feel fake, and live life with crossed fingers.

The personal ramifications are enormous.

The relational fall out is particularly heartbreaking. It’s one thing to be self destructive, it’s entirely another to let down others, a wife, a partner, our children, a social group, a business endeavour, a community or family.

The effects of addiction are tragic for the person, for those around him, and for society at large.

When we are addicted, we don’t live up to our promise.

Our potential and possibilities remain constrained and untapped.

Even if we are moderately successful, we operate like driving a car with the gas and the brake on.

We brakestand our way through life. Creates a lot of noise and smoke, but doesn’t really go anywhere…

Not physiologically, not spiritually, not relationally, not vocationally.

If you are done with this bullshit, join me in a 12 week deep dive on addictions (of any kind) starting in January

As some of you know I am the author of SIPPING FEAR PISSING CONFIDENCE, a book about solving THE RIDDLE OF ADDICTION. 

You may be interested in knowing I cover ALL addictions, not just booze and drugs, but gambling, porn and overeating as well…

Perhaps some of you have seen Dr Robert Glover’s review of the book on his private Integration Nation 

You can watch Robert’s review here: 

YouTube Glover review SFPC Nov2023

*watch for me to appear on his podcast on the 21st of December, 2023 at 8PM. 

Look, I don’t normally have time for this stuff. I’m too busy helping men get better.

I have over a hundred active files on the go and judicious about whom I take on. SO…

Starting in January, I’m going to offer a group, from one to ten, on a 12 week deep dive to resolve their addictions once and for all.

This will include a weekly teachings about addiction, a check in and discussion, workbook exercises, accountability, and access to me.

The calls will be recorded and distributed only amongst the men in the group.

I have used my approach for close to ten years and every man I’ve worked with has resolved their addiction.

If that interests you, lock in your place now.  You need skin in the game to motivate you to take your life seriously.

the cost is $3000.USD  for a full twelve week addiction immersion and resolution.

If you are tired of being enslaved by your habit, and know that it’s time to do something about it, invest in yourself.

I will help you stand up for yourself like I have for dozens of men over the years.

I don’t care if it’s porn or heroin or meth or booze or cannabis or gambling or food.

Let’s get you mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally healthy once again.

You only go around this world once. You owe it to yourself and others to give life your best shot.

Here’s the payment link

More details will follow…

You can do this. I’ve got your back.